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About Us

Ki Charm John Kim is a home hard goods designer who launched furnishings under his own label in 2019.   He has designed furniture for Therien and Brown Jordan, lighting fixtures for Troy Lighting and Cyan Design as well as patterned dinnerware for the Bombay Company.  

K. Charm Design is the home of New Buncheong and Kalifornia Korean styles. Buncheong ware is a home-grown style, that had its day in the Korean peninsula before the dominance of porcelain. The Buncheong style is characterised by a darker clay body with slip painted on in a loose style. The slip is often incised (sgraffito) or painted with iron pigments.  

New Buncheong emulates those imperfect lines.  While taking cues from the original, New Buncheong is not a slavish copy of the past, but a celebration of both historical and modern influences.  

Ki Charm's work has always sat on the cusp between art and design. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and has explored his art via sculptural ceramics.  He continues to show his sculptural work in private galleries.  Concurrently, his abstract painting style translates into ceramic decoration as spontaneous painting.  

As a home goods brand, K. Charm Design will include lighting fixtures, furniture and more. 

Ki Charm John Kim, Founder