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About Us

I started making ceramics in college when I was a student at the Oregon College of Art & Craft in Portland Oregon. Back then, much of my student work was exploring functional wares. I later focused on sculptural work.  Much later, after slowly acquiring all the very expensive equipment needed for ceramics, I continued to use the pottery wheel to explore themes.  In 2019, I started selling ceramics at shows and really started working hard as a production ceramic artist.  In doing so, my work really grew and is what it is today.  Though, much of the work has focused on functional pieces, I've always approached glazing as an abstract painter approaches a canvas.  Much of the decorative aspects of my ceramics reflects how I paint in other media such as oil and acrylic.  Though I am continued to be intrigued by figurative content, I am excited by the gestalt process of expressive abstract forms on surfaces.  

As my work has evolved, fast forward to 2022, much of my focus is on creating larger art pieces.  You will see more of this as I continue to grow and move into 2023. I look forward to sharing my work and process with you.  

Ki Charm John Kim