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Mission Statement

K. Charm Design is a brand that believes we can add meaning by using objects in our daily life made with a human touch. 

Values that we hold to include:

  • sustainability 
  • integrity
  • high quality
  • cultural rootedness
  • spiritual balance

 When we reflect on the things that we use everyday - the mug you reach for each morning - essential and necessary objects; knowing the maker adds intangible richness to our lives.

K. Charm Design values how things are made. Our intent is to be socially-responsible by sourcing sustainably, caring for the environment and avoid wastefulness.

We believe in honest materials as well as creating things that have lasting value.  Our hope is that our pieces become part of the cultural vernacular and continue to have many lives over time. 

We all come from somewhere.  That continuum, our connection with our cultural heritage - is something valuable and cherished. At K. Charm Design, our goal is  to draw from these in ways that inspire connection.  

K. Charm Design believes that tending to our spiritual needs as humans is a key to happiness.  Just as we need to eat food to be stay alive, meeting our spiritual needs is also key to maintaining our balance.  

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