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About Us

   I started making ceramics when I was a student at the Oregon College of Art & Craft in Portland Oregon. Back then, much of my student work was exploring functional wares. Much later, after slowly acquiring all the very expensive equipment needed for ceramics, I continued to use the pottery wheel to explore form and surface decoration themes.

I later studied at the Rhode Island School of Design.  I learned slipcasting and mold-making techniques and employ their use in my practice. 

For most of my career, I've been designing products for the home such as lighting fixtures, furniture and decor.  

In 2019, I started selling ceramics at shows and really started working hard as a production ceramic artist.  In doing so, my work really grew and is what it is today.  Though, much of the work has focused on functional pieces, I've always approached glazing as an abstract painter approaches a canvas.  Much of the decorative aspects of my ceramics reflects how I paint in other media such as oil and acrylic.  I'm concurrently interested in pattern and specifically combining culturally disparate patterns in new ways. 

My work is a combination of forms and techniques that I discovered researching Korean cultural traditions as well as inspirations drawn from my current locale.  One of my other great passions is horticulture. As a result, I often draw from locale-specific fauna and flora.

One of my lesser known interests is figurative sculpture.  Look out for larger more decorative pieces and sculptures in the coming months.  My love for ceramics is in this one fact - that it's such a plastic media that can be explored in an almost endless variety of ways.  

Ki Charm John Kim